Shoppers: Why Qpinner is #1 for Mobile Coupons in Temecula

Qpinner is the #1 way to save on the go!

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Qpinner was created because we were tired of the hassle of skimming through junk mail, clipping a tiny square of a coupon and having to remember that coupon when we went out… half the time losing it before we even got where we were going!! Ridiculousness!! Now everything is in one place. Toss out those scissors, my friends!  Word on the street is digital is the future of couponing, the future of saving. Soooo tell your Mamma and your Papa… We are connecting local businesses like never before.


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Qpinner is geared for those of you on the go! Mobile friendly, you can hop on from your phone while out and about and see the latest and greatest local specials! All of our advertisers can update their ads themselves in minutes, so you will always have the latest specials right in your hand!




With digital coupons, saving money has never been easier!  Simply present your coupons directly off your phone.  No more remembering to clip that tiny little square from that coupon booklet before you go out!?! Nobody has time for that!



Qpinner is Facebook integrated so you can share your favorite coupons with your friends and family easily. See a new place you wanna try out?? when you sign up for a FREE account you can save it to your “favorites” for later!!

So sign up today and start saving!